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Board of Trustees

Cromwell College Staff

Mr Mason Stretch

Assistant Principals
Ms Anne Sinclair
Mr Tony Streeter
Ms Karen Inglis

Teaching Staff
Ms Sandra Aitchison - Director of International Students
Ms Vannessa Anderson - SENCO
Mr Nick Booth – Social Studies
Mrs Kate Borrie – Careers Advisor, Gateway Co-ordinator
Ms Fleur Bracey – Y8 Home room teacher
Mr Lachy Brett – Science, IT Manager
Ms Joanna Brooks - English
Ms Karen Campbell – RTLB Manager
Ms Linda Close - HoF Art, Year 11 Dean
Ms Lara Coker – Year 8, Physical Education
Ms Trish Copland - Music
Ms Jasmine Cuthbert - English
Mrs Amy Dickey – Physical Education / Maternity Leave
Mrs Kirsten Dixon - Science
Ms Di Ferris
Mrs Catherine Forsyth - Music
Mr Duncan Fulford – Science
Mrs Tineke Hayes – Home Economics
Mr Steve Hodkinson – Physical Education
Mrs Kylie Hodkinson - Drama
Mr Gavin Jenkins – SCT / Materials Technology
Mrs Sharyn Jenkins – Junior Academic Dean / Year 8
Ms Jacqui Jones - Art / Technology
Ms Lee-Anne Kane - HoF Social Sciences
Mrs Sophie Lee - Year 7
Ms Melanie Mills – Physical Education
Mr Kieran Parsons – Geography / Social Studies
Mr Kieran Philip – HoF Science
Mrs Janice Scott - Year 7-8 Dean
Ms Anna Smyth – Year 7
Mr Neil Stuart – Physical Education / Year 10 Dean
Ms Kim Taylor – Year 7
Mr Greg Thomson - HoF Mathematics / Year 13 Dean
Mrs Glenys Wing – Digital Technologies / Aquatic Centre
Mr Norm Wing NZCE - HoF Technology
Mr Danny Winstanley – Numeracy / Apartments

Non-Teaching Staff
Ms Sandra Aitchison - Director of International Students
Mrs Megan Anderson - Sports Coordinator
Ms Tanya Black - Canteen
Ms Judy Carroll – Teacher Aide
Mr Norman Chamberlain - Grounds-person
Ms Megan Christensen – Office Manager / Attendance Officer
Ms Rose Copland – Teacher Aide
Mr Jim Dundass - Caretaker/Groundsman
Mr Rowan Dunnet – Executive Officer
Ms Lyn Gray – Teacher Aide
Mrs Barbara Hepburn - Librarian
Mrs Joan Hillary - Gateway Assistant
Mr Jim Hughes - Apartments Manager
Ms Helen Kensington - RTLit
Ms Sue Lewis – Guidance Counsellor
Mrs Jo Lunn - Accounts
Ms Karen McCabe - Health Nurse
Ms Holly McDiarmid (maternity leave) - Guidance Counsellor
Ms Adrien Moen – Teacher Aide
Mrs Joan Peszynski - Laboratory Assistant
Ms Charlotte Rawcliffe - Gifted and Talented
Ms Kerry Read – Teacher Aide
Ms Jan Rockliff - Principal’s Assistant/Office Support
Mr Richard Saunders - Director of Outdoor Pursuits
Ms Sandra Shaw – Teacher Aide
Mr Bradley Short - IT Technician
Mrs Patsy Streeter - Home Stay Coordinator
Mr Ray Thomson - Chaplin